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Gourmet Carved Wood Gift Bin

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This gift basket is sure to impress friends, family, and business associates alike. They'll love the elegant gift presentation as well as the delicious decadent treats! It's just the perfect gift to send to show them just how much you appreciate them.


  • 6.00   oz The Popcorn Factory Kettle Popcorn (USA)
  • 7.00   oz. Robert Rothschild Sourdough Pretzels (USA)
  • 2.00   oz. Valley Lahvosh Original Crackerbread Rounds (USA)
  • 3.00   oz. Too Good Gourmet Chocolate Caramel Shortbread Cookies (USA)
  • 0.70   oz. Rustic Bakery Sourdough Flatbread (USA)
  • 14.00 oz. Floating LeafAncient Field Rice Blend (Canada)
  • 8.00   oz. Little Whisk Cinnamon Scone Mix (USA)
  • 3.50   oz. Petit Etoile Smoked Gouda Gourmet Spreadable Cheese (USA)
  • 8.10   oz. Jolie Patisserie Petite Beurre Cookies (Turkey)
  • 12.00 oz. Arbequina Fields Whole Green Olives Jar (Peru)
  • 10.23 oz. Arbequina Fields Sweet Red Pepper Strips Jar (Peru)
  • 1.76   oz. Sunny Fruit Organic Dried Figs (Turkey)
  • 1.10   oz. Godiva Milk Chocoalte Caramel Lion Masterpiece Bar (USA)
  • 25.40 oz. Martinelli Sparkling Blush Bottle (USA)
  • 1.06  oz. Tresori Cucina Rotelle Cranberry Sesame (Italy)
  • 1 Wooden Carved Bin
  • Individual Dimensions (LxWxH):  9.13" x 20.63" x 22.00"