Our Story

About Us

Welcome to DJW Custom Baskets & Beyond! We are a minority, woman-owned specialty gift boutique. DJW Custom Baskets & Beyond was established in 2018 by Denyse Jeter-Williams, a human resources professional and ambitious entrepreneur. We are based out of Silver Spring, Maryland. However, our client base expands across every corner of the United States.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to help you build stronger customer and employee satisfaction and loyalty for your business. 

At DJW Custom Baskets & Beyond, we believe that customer and employee appreciation is instrumental in helping businesses enhance their performance. Ensuring that your employees and customers feel valued is a sign of genuine gratitude for their imperative role in your business. Expressing appreciation is also crucial in attracting and retaining talented and committed employees and customers. Again, it cultivates a pipeline of dedicated, employees and returning customers. This way, a business can stand out from its competitors and realize its strategic goals. We established DJW Custom Baskets & Beyond to help our clients leverage this approach.

We are on a mission to help you build stronger customer and employee satisfaction and loyalty by sprucing up your appreciation approach.

What We Do

We provide a wide array of quality corporate gift baskets that are specially designed to let your employees and customers know you value and care for them. Be it an anniversary, birthday, thank you or any other celebration, DJW Custom Baskets & Beyond gives you the perfect way of saying “Congratulations” or “Thank you!” We serve the general public and all types of businesses, including real estate, corporate accounts, property management, travel agencies, local funeral homes, hotels, bridal shops, health care facilities, and more. 

Why Choose Us

At DJW Custom Baskets & Beyond, we have mastered the art of building enduring and fruitful relationships by creating an amazing product and providing exceptional customer service that leaves a lasting impression. Our focus is to ensure that you and those who receive your gift are filled with unmatched satisfaction.