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XL Elegant Gourmet Gift Basket

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The Elegant Gourmet Basket is sure to make a HUGE impression! This beautiful, oversized metal basket comes packed with a multitude of savory and sweet delights such as, Vino e Formaggio Smoked Gouda Cheese Spread, Ciao Italia Tapis Italian Snack Crisps with Olives, Lanzetti Pesto Olive Tapenade, Il Panettiere Classic Bread Sticks, Hellema Dutch Speculaas Spiced Cookies, Harrington’s Chocolate Mint Sandwich Cookies, Silver Leaf Pomegranate Hard Candies, and Shell Bella Madeleines! All this and much much more! You can’t go wrong! Give a new meaning to good taste with the Elegant Gourmet Gift Basket!


  • 16.00  oz. Brick Road Bakers Ginger Snaps (USA)
  • 1.83    oz. Café Paris Soft Nougat Fruit & Nut Bites (Poland)
  • 3.50    oz. Vino e Formaggio "Smoked Gouda" Cheese Spread (USA)
  • 3.52    oz. Ciao Italia Mini Ritelle Cranberry & Sesame Cookies (Italy)
  • 2.52    oz. D'Arcy Puff Pastries (Ukraine)
  • 2.80    oz. East River Classic Style Pretzel Sticks (Romania)
  • 6.34    oz. Hamilton House Classic Crackers  (Ukraine)
  • 21.10  oz. Hellema Dutch Speculaas Spiced Cookies (Netherlands)
  • 1.76    oz. Mr. Brownie Chocolate Brownies (Spain)
  • 1.94    oz. Shell Bella Madeleines (Spain)
  • 5.00    oz. Silver Leaf Pomegranate Hard Candies (Mexico)
  • 2.00    oz. Valley Lahvosh Sesame Rounds Crackers (USA)
  • 3.50    oz. Bella Campagna Whole Mixed Olives (Peru)
  • 2.82    oz. Ciao Italia Tapis Italian Snack Crisps with Olives (Italy)
  • 5.30    oz. Cookie Gallery Tuttino Chocolate Cream Cookies (Poland)
  • 12.35  oz. Cottage Lane Cream Crackers (Brazil)
  • 6.20    oz. Florenci Sugar Cookies (Ukraine)
  • 13.00  oz. Harrington’s Chocolate Mint Sandwich Cookies (USA)
  • 4.40    oz. IL Panettiere Classic Bread Sticks (Italy)
  • 6.50    oz. Lanzetti Pesto Olive Tapenade (Peru)
  • 2.53   oz. Montreaux Napoleon Biscuits (Ukraine)
  • Metal Basket with Embossing 29 x 9 x 8